Are you trippin'? (Part 2)


The sun’s out, gas is cheap (relatively speaking) and if you read my blog about prepping your car for spring, you should be primed and ready for a gorgeous spring drive. Over the next few weeks I will be posting different, local drives for spring and summer ranging from short jaunts to all-day trips. All of them will have you out in the sunshine, exploring our beautiful county and sometimes beyond. Think of these drives as you would a "choose your own adventure novel" (if you remember those) because all of the stops are optional as well as the amount of time you stop for. I have estimated how long you might stop at each destination for reference purposes.

Part 1 was a lovely trip to the coastal town of Reedsport, Or with local stops along the way. Here is the second Part of our road trip series. 


PART 2 : Do go chasin' waterfalls

Recommended drive day: Sunday. (For important food purposes.)

Things you will need: a full tank of gas, whatever hiking gear you deem weather and terrain appropriate, snacks, water, travel/hiking companions  (if desired) and a camera. This is not an all-inclusive list.

Pay no attention to what TLC told us back in 1994 when they said "Don't go chasin' waterfalls"! Our beautiful Douglas County is home to Hwy 138, also known as "Hwy of Waterfalls" and they are all worth chasing. This title is no joke! Starting in Roseburg and heading east along Hwy 138 there are more than a dozen waterfalls tucked into our rolling hills and rocky mountains that make up The Umpqua National Forest.  Unfortunately, this road trip cannot include all of these roaring wonders for the sake of time. I have provided links to informative websites for each waterfall to provide more specific information about the intensity of the hike and whatnot so that you can decide for yourselves if you would like to stop or not. However, in my opinion, none of the waterfalls in Oregon should be missed out on.  If you plan on making the suggested stops, I recommend leaving at 9:00am. The first half of the trip is timed out so that lunch is around lunch time. 

If you would like to test drive a vehicle or chat with one of our welcoming sales associates about your next purchase before you take off, someone will be at The Clint Newell Auto Group dealership at 8:30am to assist you. You might as well; our dealership is the starting point of every journey in this series. (Wink.)

Clint Newell Auto Group to Dianne’s Coffee Shop

Travel time: 4 min Estimated Stop time: 60min

Just thinking about Dianne's makes me hungry. This local favorite is easily missed by out of town visitors driving down Diamond Lake Blvd but locals wouldn't miss it for all the buffets in France. It's a great little breakfast spot with an all you can eat buffet on Sunday (only $12.95)! If you’re a coffee enthusiast as I am (okay, there might be some caffeine addiction there ), you’ll enjoy the quirky option of choosing your own coffee cup as they are all different. Their food is simple and flavorful and feels like a home cooked meal in your belly. Here is a link to their menureviews and photos.

Dianne’s Coffee Shop to Colliding Rivers

Travel time: 16min Estimated stop time: 20min

Just a few miles down the road we come to our first stop and it’s quite a unique one. Colliding Rivers is appropriately named. It is the only spot in the world where two rivers run into each other basically head on and combine into one. It’s almost as if the North Umpqua was turning a blind corner and ran smack dab into the the Little River, which happens to be it’s tributary. This unique stop is definitely worth seeing and snapping a picture of. It won't take much effort to get to since it's not a hike but just an easy walk to a view point. I figured we should work our way up to the bigger hikes. Don't be scared. They are all rated easy.  INFO for Colliding Rivers.

Colliding Rivers to Fall Creek Falls

Travel time: 31min Estimated stop time: 2 hrs

This beautiful two-tier waterfall with it’s quaint suspension bridge will have you creating and capturing memories. The hike can be made longer and more involved by completing the entire loop where you reach the top of the waterfall.  I have only estimated time for the normal hike reaching the bottom of the water fall and then returning. Check out this site right here for more information on the intricacies of the hike and pictures of the falls. 

Fall Creek Falls to The Steamboat Inn

Travel time: 4 min Estimated Stop time: 60min

I hope you didn’t spoil your appetite with snacks along the way because you'll want to come hungry and leave satisfied at this stop. The Steamboat Inn offers “honest home cooking” during the day and fine dining in the evening. They are currently only open on the weekends.  If you plan on rearranging the stops on this drive and want to make sure you can get some deliciousness here, I recommend giving them a call to check on their hours. (541) 498-2230 YELP

There is also an interesting history with the Inn involving early fishing camps during the 1920's.

Here’s a happy coincidence for a spring drive: from March to mid June on Saturdays, The Steamboat Inn hosts winemaker dinners where some of the finest Chefs in our lovely state pair their culinary creations with Oregon’s finest wines.  

Steamboat Inn to Steamboat Falls

Travel time: 30 min Estimated stop time: 30 min

This well-known site for Steelhead viewing (fishing is no longer allowed) requires no real hiking. Head into the Steamboat Campground near campsites 5 and 6 you'll find the view spot. The best time to see the beautiful Steelhead jumping up the waterfall is May- June. You can find more information about the waterfall here.

Steamboat Falls to Toketee Falls

Travel time: 49min Estimated stop time: 1.5 hrs

Toketee Falls, which means “graceful” or "pretty" according to the Chinook Native American language, is known far and wide for its columnar basalt formation framing the actual waterfall. What’s a columnar basalt formation, you say? Rock columns are formed when lava flowing in a vertical direction cools quickly. That’s the basic idea but here you can find an in depth explanation. Seeing a waterfall surrounded by lava formed into columns is definitely a sight for curious eyes.  INFO

Toketee Falls to Roseburg, OR

That concludes the stops for this watery road trip. Now it's time to wind back home on a beautiful hour and 10 min drive as the sun goes down in the Umpqa National Forest that surrounds you (which in my opinion is the most picturesque time for a road trip). 

Just can't get enough waterfall hikes? Here is a brochure with more information on waterfalls near Roseburg so that you can plan your next waterfall road trip. I don't know about you but I am inspired. 




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